Every project is different, which is what I find so rewarding and challenging about architecture. Numerous factors including the brief, the site, the budget, and the clients’ personalities…all need to be considered as part of a holistic design process. MTarchitecture undertakes each project without preconceived ideas of what the final design solution will be. Taking the time to listen to each client and understanding how they live, work and play, ensures that each project is designed from the inside out.

The following design principles and attention to detail are fundamental to every project undertaken by MTarchitecture:

  efficient & functional spatial planning
+   logical circulation
+   light & views
+   connection with outdoor spaces
+   passive design
+   honest expression of materials & structure

As a sole practitioner, I am the point of contact throughout every project, and I am responsible for everything produced by MTarchitecture. By focusing on just a small number of projects at any one time, I am able to offer a high level of personalised service. Clients are all invited to be as closely involved with the design process as they feel comfortable with.