How much do you charge?
There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Because every project is different, flexible fee structures are available. MTarchitecture offers an obligation free consultation to all prospective new clients, where your project is discussed in detail along with any questions you may have. With a good understanding of the project, a fee and services proposal will be tailored specifically to meet your requirements and your budget.

Who will be my point of contact during the project?
As a sole practitioner, I will be your single point of contact from start to finish. Your project will never be delegated to junior staff, and I will be responsible for all outputs along the way. Key to the success of any project is the relationship between client and architect. Your satisfaction is my priority, so you can expect highly attentive and personalised service throughout the project.

What happens if I don’t understand or I’m unhappy about something, or I want to make a change?
You are encouraged to speak with me as soon as possible in any of these instances. Whether it is during the design process or during construction, the sooner an issue is identified, the easier it is rectify. Communication is very important when it comes to resolving issues, and I will focus on finding a workable solution that you will be happy with.

What are your business hours?
As a sole practitioner my business hours are very flexible. I am available by appointment 7 days a week, and can meet with you at your home or on site at times that best suit you.

What is the difference between an architect and a building designer or draftsperson?
An architect has a minimum of five years university training, a minimum of two years practical industry experience, and has passed a rigorous examination process in order to attain formal registration. A registered architect must comply with a Code of Professional Conduct and with the Architects ACT 2004, and must also have professional indemnity insurance.
Although some are undoubtedly capable, and many will have a tertiary qualification, building designers and draftspersons in the ACT are not required by legislation to have any specific qualification, level of experience or governing body association.