red hill

level 3

One of five townhouses in a small complex, this compact and quirky residence is spread over three levels – garage and laundry, kitchen/dining/living, and two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is also a north facing courtyard off the middle level living spaces.

With an open timber stair connecting the upper levels, there was a great sense of light and space for such a small dwelling. The owners wish to give this blank canvas a new lease of life for the next ten years. An extensive renovation was envisaged. The key elements being a new kitchen and bathroom, new joinery throughout to maximise storage and functionality, and landscaping to the courtyard.

Industrial materials such as plywood and stainless steel are envisaged together with matte black finishes. The landscaping would comprise new timber steps, recycled pavers and timber sleepers, with a gravel perimeter planted with native grasses.