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white house

extension and renovation
White House – Carlton North, Victoria
Nixon Tulloch Fortey

A former colleague of mine (from a previous life when I was living in Melbourne) recently designed and project managed the extension and renovation of his family home. The clever use of voids and placement of clerestory windows has created a wonderful sense of light and space in what is a modest sized dwelling. I don’t think it would be a bad thing if Canberra had more strategically located areas where small blocks and high plot ratios were allowed. This house squeezes 220sqm onto a 206sqm block.


compact living

extension and renovation
Parure House – Kensington, Victoria
Architects EAT

Loving the use of materials in this extension & renovation project, and the way a such variety of interesting spaces has been sculpted out of such a small inner city block. The use of weathered steel reinforcing mesh to create a vertical garden is very similar to something I had in mind for my Red Hill townhouse renovation project.